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Barrington Limo

Welcome to Inverness Chauffeuring and Barrington Limousine.

We have been providing on time limousine service in Chicago, IL including downtown, suburbs and out of state for over 40 years. Our fast, reliable, and professional limousine service along with competitive and inexpensive prices is second to none.

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Lincoln MKT Stretch

Lincoln MKZ received a safety score of 9.3 out of 10 from U.S. News. It also received a Good rating in all five safety areas tested by the IIHS, and it received the highest rating of five stars for overall safety by the NHTSA. There are several specific safety features that are found in the MKZ that have helped to generate its impressive safety ratings from each of these organizations. This includes multiple airbags found throughout the cabin to protect all passengers in the event of a collision, and there is a passenger deactivation sensor for the front seat passenger.

Chevy Suburban SUV

The Chevrolet Suburban is a full-size SUV that can seat up to nine people in three rows. A big cargo area offers plenty of space for a large family’s stuff, and the spacious passenger area offers room to stretch out. The driving position provides a commanding view of the road, and the Suburban can tow heavy loads on family adventures; when properly equipped, the SUV’s maximum towing capacity is 8,300 pounds.